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Welcome to Bearpaw Lacrosse Events where we believe the experience is everything!

When you choose a Bearpaw event you can expect a great experience for the athlete and their family. We choose to work with some of the best facilities in the nation. Unlike other companies we partner with local organizations to grow the game knowing that grass roots is what it is all about and big corporate profits have no place in the Creators Game. When you choose to play in one of our events you can expect Bearpaw service from start to finish. With online registration and waivers we have taken the hassle out of the process so that you can focus on your team.
INTEGRITY is why Bearpaw formed! As a player and coach it was very frustrating to use hard earned money to pay for poorly run events. Poor communication and not having balls or properly trained staff at an event has become status quo these days and it is simply unacceptable. It was even more frustrating knowing that some of the unscrupulous groups would use their event to poach players for their own travel teams. At Bearpaw you can be rest assured that our events and partners are on the same page and will run an ethical event where you can focus on your team!

Hassle free online waivers
Professional and courteous staff