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One of the most prestigious and oldest box events in the USA

Battle At The Barn

Welcome to the Battle At The Barn Box Tournament 2024! This tourney has become a must-attend event for all serious box teams to be tested by the best around! This tournament is one of the original box tournaments in the region with a long history of great competition and competitive games.  Teams come from all over the US and Canada to test their box skills in an action-packed weekend of box!

One of the first and definitely one of the best USBOXLA tournaments in the country!

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Battle At The Barn

When: January 6-7, 2024

Where: The Plex North 1807 E California Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Fantastic 2-pad arena!
Turf playing surface – Cleats are NOT Allowed
Concessions are available at the facility.
Boards all around – no opening behind goals


  • High School Elite
  • High School A/B
  • Grades 7-8 A/B
  • Grades 5-6

Players/Teams may play up a division but never down.  Bearpaw customizes its bracket creation based on placement calls with program directors and reserves the right to move a team’s placement to promote fair play.

Estimated Game Times:
Saturday Times:
8:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday  Times: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
All times are Eastern Time Zone.  

Schedule: A full schedule will be available approximately 3-5 days before the event.

Fee: $2050* per team
$500 deposit due upon registration / Balance is due October 1st, 2023. 

Failure to meet the final payment deadline will constitute non-acceptance of the tournament registration and a forfeiture of the tournament spot and deposit fee.

We have partnered with TRAVELING TEAMS® to secure discounted room blocks at a variety of tournament-approved hotels close to our venues. This is a Stay to Play event. It is required that all teams traveling to this event reserve their hotel accommodations through TRAVELING TEAMS®. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!  Click Here To Book Your Hotels

A full schedule will be available approximately 3-5 days before the event.

We only use certified Athletic Trainers that are equipped with AED’s.

This is a USBOXLA Sanctioned event. All players & coaches must have current memberships.

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We will follow the USBOXLA rule book with the following changes.

  • No cleats are allowed at this facility.  Just flat bottoms shoes.
  • Goal Sizes = PeeWee Goal Size 4’x4′ and Bantam & HS Goal Size 4’x4’6″​
  • 3 x 12 min running time periods.
  • 2 min rest between periods.
  • Last minute of the 3rd period is stop-time if teams are within 2 goals.
  • Game clock starts on time whether the teams are ready or not.  Any team in violation will be given a 2 min delay of game penalty.
  • 1 30-second timeout per game per team.  A time-out stops game & penalty time.
  • Pool & Bracket Play – If tied after regulation time teams immediately proceed to a USBOXLA Shootout (3 shooters each and the home team decides on whether they will shoot first or second).  If tied after that, there is a sudden death shootout round (all rostered players must shoot before any player shoots twice).
  • The championship game will play One 5 minute sudden victory over-time.  If it is still tied then a shootout will decide the champion.

USBOXLA Rule Book Can be found here: OFFICIAL-USBOXLA-Rule-and-Situational-Book-NO-PRINT

Tie Breakers (Updated 1/4/2023)

  • Points – 2 points for a win. 0 points for a loss
  • Head to Head – This breaks ties based on the record (or points, if points are used) against the teams tied with. For example, if 3 teams have the same overall record at 4-2 and all 3 of the teams played each other an equal number of times and one teams record against the other two was 2-0 and another was 1-1 and the other was 0-2. This tie-breaker would order them accordingly. If all three teams had identical 1-1 records, this tie-breaker would not be used.

It should be noted that this tie-breaker is completely ignored if all of the teams tied do not play each other an equal number of times. For example, if there are 3 teams tied and one team played the other two, but the other two did not play each this tie-breaker will be ignored (regardless of the outcome of the two games played by the first team)

  • Goals Allowed – The total of a teams opponents score. The smallest total wins the tie-breaker.
  • Goals Scored – The total of a team’s score. The higher total wins the tie-breaker.

Max Score Differential Per Game 10

Bearpaw Lacrosse Events Box Lacrosse Tie Breakers




2021 Battle At The Barn  – All Tourney Teams

Minnesota Stars

Grant Hennen
Torgnyr Wison Elg

Carter Harris
Sam Johnson
Jack Schanaman
Colin Pederson

Midget/HS B
Jake Rossman
Layne Kology
Tyler Alvers
Ben Schuster

HS Elite
Zach Picard
Evan McNally
Zach Dewey


Pee Wee
Matthew Esguerra
Joe Hayes
Cameron King
Ethan Dodgion

Cincinnati 25/26
Nathan Logan
Quinn Riley
Hunter Hemphill
Steven Hamblin

Resolute 2025/2026

Will Musgrove
Vance Ames

Nate Clark
Aiden Schramm
Michael Niere

Resolute 23/24
Alex Roe
Josh Wade

HS Elite
Resolute 2023

Cayden Christopher
Luke Ray
Joe Ginnetti
Owen McGee


Ryan Frecht: Transition
Mac Link: Forward

HS Elite
Tanner Hegarty: Forward
Michael Fulmer: Defense

True Illinois

Pee Wee
Will Pursley #3
Quinn Acello #77
Caiden Hays #40

Caden Smith #51
Nick Quaid #33

Midget/HS B
Jaret Jawor #0
Cooper Ganch #17

L4 Mingos

Kaleb Madsen 46
Michael Wheeler 23